Cost Of Selling Your Home

When the time comes for you to sell your home you may request your realtor come through to take all look prior to listing your home for sale. At this time your realtor may make some suggestions on ways to improve your homes saleablity. You only make a first impression once. Please also refer to “Preparing Your Home For Sale” under the Sellers Tab.

Standard Costs: wf young couple caculator and paperwork

  • Mortgage Discharge Fees (if applicable)
  • Legal Fees and Expenses                                                                   (Approximately $800 to $1400 based on sale price)
  • Survey (if applicable)
  • Real Estate Fees (in some cases)
  • Service Contracts (that you may have to payout such as: leased furnace, home security system, lawn care/snow removal etc.)


Additional Costs:                                                                                                               

mf couple painting wallHome Staging: This is sometimes suggested when a home is vacant or to put your home in “showroom” condition. Painting redecorating, landscaping, etc. may be suggested along with other minor repairs. Cost can range from $200 to $20,000 or more! Ask for our recommendations.

Any urgent repairs that may be found during showings that become part of the Agreement of Purchase of Sale

Moving Expenses



Updated May 2017

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